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The LIVERUR project identifies Living Labs as innovative business models that are currently being developed in rural areas, and will conduct socio-economic analyzes to identify, describe and compare the differences between the new approach of Living Lab and more entrepreneurial traditional approaches (mass production, development of prices, optimizing cost structures with companies, rationalization).

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RAIN Concept

RAIN (RegionAl cIrcular liviNg lab business model concept) is a new business model concept, designed specifically for the rural context and taking into account regional characteristics. RAIN is comprehensive as it combines theories on Living Labs, Circular Economy and other concepts.

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EU Green Week 2020

September 14 @ 8:00 am - October 27 @ 5:00 pm UTC+1

Being part of EU Green Week is the opportunity to showcase the achievements of your organisation or city to a wider audience. If you are planning an event between 14 September and 23 October 2020, or would like to organise one, why not register it as an EU Green Week partner event! Registration deadline: 31 [...]

SMARTER 2020 Conference Webinar series

September 17 @ 8:00 am - December 3 @ 5:00 pm UTC+1

Smart Specialisation and Territorial Development: Connecting Grand Societal Challenges with Local Goals in Place-based Innovation Policy The Territorial Development Unit of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and RSA Europe are delighted to present a webinar series based on selected themes of the SMARTER 2020 Conference. In line with the measures to contain the diffusion [...]


LIVERUR aims to expand an extremely innovative business model called Living Labs among rural regions. Living laboratories are ecosystems of open innovation, centered on the user, which often operate in a territorial context, integrating concurrent research and innovation processes within a public-private partnership.


The LIVERUR project involves more than 20 European partners from peripheral areas in which the development of the rural economy is vital for their survival. Although LIVERUR is focused on Europe, one of the partners is located in Tunisia, which provides a greater internationalization to the project.


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