The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has established five basic principles for the global agricultural sector to become increasingly productive and sustainable. The intention of these five principles is to build a production system that works in favor of the ecosystem, satisfying the human needs.  For that, the farmers should work in the economic development of this sector and, so, they can benefit from a fair, equitable and efficient environment.

The principles that guide the agricultural sector toward the sustainability and efficiency are the following:

  • Improving the efficiency in the use of the resources are crucial for the sustainability of the agriculture.

Agricultural production is growing up, therefore, it’s necessary that the actual practices are oriented toward intelligent production systems which allow water and energy saving and reduce emissions of gases and fertilizers. 

  • The sustainable requires direct activities to preserve, protect and improve the natural resources.

Natural resources are the base of the agricultural production which means that for agricultural production  to be sustainable, the explotation of natural resources have to be too. Therefore, actions should be development to reduce negative impacts and to improve natural resources condition. 

  • Agriculture that doesn’t achieve to protect and to improve the rural lifestyle and the social welfare is unsustainable. 

Agriculture is a way of life to 2.500 millions of people in the world and a lot of this rural homes are connected to the poverty. In order to the agricultural sector to be sustainable, it have to offer healthy, safe and decent conditions. 

  • Strengthening the resilience of people, communities and ecosystems is essential for sustainable agriculture.

Climate change, price volatility and the civil conflicts affect all the society and also to agricultural production. So, to achieve a sustainable agriculture is necessary to work the resilience in natural and human dimensions. 

  • Sustainable agriculture and alimentation need responsible and effective governance mechanism 

In order to exist and sustainable agricultural sector, the public and private estates have to work together, developing politics that guarantee the equity, transparency and rule of law.

Whit these five principles, FAO aims to create national, regional and global systems that promote sustainability at the social, economic and ambiental levels. 

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