On June 30, the 5th Project Meeting of the LIVERUR project was held. This time, the consortium meeting had to be held via videoconference, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The day was divided into two sessions: the morning session was compulsory for all members and it discussed the different advances and achievements achieved so far, as well as the next steps to be taken. In the afternoon session, 3 workshops were organized with different themes in which the partners and their stakeholders could participate.

The presentation of LIVERUR’s EXPLOITATION STRATEGY and EXPLOITATION PATHWAY was the subject presented by our ZSI partners. They explained the differences between communication, dissemination and exploitation of results to enable them to reach all our audiences.

Communication: informs a wider audience about the project as a whole. Regarding dissemination: it supports exploitation by informing specific audiences (potential users) about the project’s results. And finally exploitation: it is the concrete use of its results by the project itself or external beneficiaries.

The Exploitation Plan is part of the Business Plan: it focuses on how to use the project results that are not restricted due to the protection of intellectual property, security regulations or legitimate interests. Project partners can exploit the results themselves or facilitate exploitation by others (for example, by making the results available under open licenses).Following the Grant Agreement, each beneficiary must take measures aimed at guaranteeing the “exploitation” of its results by:

(1) use them in other research activities;
(2) develop, create or market a product or process;
(3) create and provide a service, or
(4) use them in standardization activities.

To favor the exploitation of results in the pilot territories, ZSI will distribute a template to all partners to collect information on exploitable results. They also offered partners individual online sessions (45 min) for each of the pilot zones (April-May 2021).

Finally, an update of the Exploitation Plan was proposed with the gathering of information from the partners and the organization of an exploitation strategy seminar for it.