Recently, on 4th of March, 2 co-creation workshops were held to build a business model for the recycling and recovery of organic waste based on a circular economy model (Circular Rural living Lab for biowaste recovery). The workshops are framed within the pilot activities of the LIVERUR and CIRC4Life projects.

A total of 18 participants took part in the workshops. The first workshop was attended by 8 participants and the second by 10 participants. Indeed, these workshops were held by citizens of the municipality of Abarán interested in participating in the pilot.

During both workshops, the procedure for the correct recycling of organic waste was explained, as well as the steps to register as a user of the smart bin through the app created by the CIRC4Life project.

Each of the participants in the pilot experience will have a user code that will be used to identify them (QR code). The objective is to be able to verify how each citizen contributes to recycling in order to encourage their behaviour by giving them “eco-credits”, which will be exchanged for a reward.

At the end of the workshop, compostable bags for organic waste disposal were handed out to the participants. After the demonstration, the participants filled in a questionnaire to evaluate the workshop and collect their impressions.