A new trend that is growing within rural tourism in Europe is agritourism. Concern for the environment and sustainable activities development has driven the interest for this type of rural tourism, but… what do we mean when we talk about agritourism? 

Agritourism is a type of tourism based in the traditional activities performing typical of the rural area visited. So, the tourist not only visits the countryside, but adapts to the lifestyle and to the own activities of the life in the countryside. Agricultural entrepreneurs become in actors of their own development and promote combating desertification of rural areas. 

Participating in the collecting of vegetables and fruits, learning how they grown and how they are cared for, tilling the field and watering it… Agritourism allows to enjoy all the countryside activities in a close and didactic manner, as well as the demonstration of the productives process and techniques aimed at agricultural sustainability

There are many agricultural entrepreneurs who have decided to include agritourism in their economics activities, not only seeking profitability but with the intention of enhancing knowledge of the agricultural activity and rural areas, affected by depopulation. All this promotes the socio-economic improvement of the environment, promoting the diversification of agricultural income through a sustainable tourism model in the rural environment. Further, agritourism revalues local products, due to the increase in demand for natural or handcrafted agricultural products typical of the area. 

In conclusion, this type of tourism adapts to the current trends, seeks to develop a new type of tourism, aware with environmental problems, and creates new ways to enjoy leisure in a sustainable manner.