🇲🇹 Malta

LIVERUR Pilot Region:
Central Region of Malta

Square Km:
2,7 km²

23 034 inhabitants

Political Region:Birkirkara, Malta

Rural Living Lab:
Circular Rural Living Lab Malta: Rural Living Lab in social farming specific aim: deployement of IoT and blockchain technologies in the food traceability system

The aim of the piloting action in Malta is to create a new model and alternative as multifunctional farm to fulfil its role of promoting the means of modern nutrition  against food allergies & food intolerances (like histamine intolerance) as the growing illness in the society. By informing people about the required skills and competencies which are required in social farming & social entrepreneurship  mainly for the social care related religious & another non-profit organisations.

The pilot case will use the experiences of local senior farmers in the selected land of Church Home for the Elderly in Dar tal-Kleru in Birkirkara , by producing spices & medical herbs (like holy basil , peppermint , ginger , thyme , and turmeric) as raw materials . The short food supply chain will be deployed from the seed and production until the post-harvest  through the traceability system ,supported by IoT, Data and Blockhain technologies.

The social farming system and daily management structure will offer services/ activities to develop training to provide volunteers, farmers and active seniors with the necessary skills to develop or improve these services/ activities on this farm. Multi functionality recognises the inter connectedness of agriculture’s different roles and functions beyond safer food production for social, environmental and economic sustainability.


The LIVERUR project identifies innovative business models within the newly developed Circular Rural Living Labs, and will conduct socio-economic-technology analyzes to identify, describe and compare the differences between the new approach of Living Lab and more entrepreneurial traditional approaches.


The LIVERUR project involves more than 20 European partners from peripheral areas in which the development of the rural economy is vital for their survival. Although LIVERUR is focused on Europe, one of the partners is located in Tunisia, which provides a greater internationalization to the project.