In the future logistics organization of Paciano’s weekly market (UCT) it is planned to design and build new wooden stands, taking into account the characteristics of the territory, using natural building materials and construction techniques with low energy and environmental impact, with the utmost consideration of the health and comfort of operators and visitors.

The structures in green building must be built taking into account all the variables of the territory in which they fit. From temperature to lighting, from slopes to humidity, from the presence of vegetation to altitude: each element affects the success of the redevelopment project.

The considerable presence on the territory of wooded areas and timber for handicrafts, facilitates this objective, in a logic of local and circular economy.

In particular, prefabricated wooden structures have a high energy efficiency, saving electricity of up to 45%.

At Paciano’s weekly market there is, in these days of celebration, a REPAIR CAFE’, a stand where local artisans repair objects for their reuse and build basic furnishing and building materials.


Written by Paolo Burini from UCT.