For over 15 years, also in the territory of Trasimeno, COLZA (Brassica napus L., 1753), a soil improvement plant with different purposes: animal feed, food industry, energy production, has been cultivated.

In a logic of development of the circular economy, a great deal of attention must be paid to it because it can perfectly connect agriculture, industry and the production of renewable energies.

Rapeseed oil has beneficial properties thanks to the large amount of vitamin E, chlorophyll and phytosterols it contains. All these substances are powerful antioxidants that give important benefits to health.


Rapeseed oil is very often used in the production of fuels and lubricants, but it is also used in the cosmetics industry to create emollient creams useful to treat the skin effectively.

It is also used to make dry and thin hair oils and creams. In the food industry, this oil is used for frying as it has a high smoke point. It is also used to make at an industrial level products packaged by bakery, cakes and sweets in general. It is also used to make butter and margarine.


The average seed production in Italy is 1.6 tonnes per hectare.