During the six workshops to communicate the objectives and the models of rural development provided for by the TRASIMENO LIVING LAB (LIVERUR), the environmental actions for the management and protection of the territory were identified as priorities. A number of existing and potentially developable instruments are summarised below.


  1. increase in methods of green fertilizer of legumes (SOVESCIO)
  2. creation of ecological paths, with tree bands connecting wetlands and inland farmland
  3. safeguarding and maintaining a microclimate located around the lake surface
  4. diffusion of nutritional plants to provide organic fertilizers and nutrients fundamental for traditional crops
  5. creation of social gardens and demonstration gardens
  6. spread of rapidly growing woody species for the production of woody biomass in derelict or abandoned areas (Paulownia Spp.)
  7. creation of a recycling centre for construction equipment and materials (bricks, tiles, windows, doors, etc.)
  8. maintenance programs of municipal green areas with sponsorship agreements and/or collaboration with private subjects
  9. composting of vegetable waste material or resulting from cleaning the bottoms and lake banks
  10.  increase in the use of pruning and woody residues for the production of wood chips
  11.  increased diffusion of renewable energies such as solar energy
  12.  development of slow and sustainable tourism