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The BlueMed Initiative presents the e-training course on Understanding and acting for a healthy plastic free Mediterranean Sea, organized in the framework of the Pilot Action Healthy Plastic-free Mediterranean Sea.

This course brings together experts working on Marine Litter and the Blue-economy in order to share knowledge, showcase best practices and suggest methods enabling more sustainable blue jobs in the framework of the circular economy strategy, taking into due consideration education for sustainable development and citizen science.

The course consists of 11 sessions delivered in a mixed modality, some via on-line webinar and others by releasing lesson’s material on our website.

The course is designed in two distinctive parts. The first part is focused on understanding and studying plastic pollution pathways, its impact on marine ecosystems, novel technologies for observation and removal. The second part focuses on connecting the plastics issue to the different sectors of the blue economy in a circular economy perspective, addressing at the same time the role of citizens and governance in the Mediterranean.

Participants are encouraged to follow all lectures, in order to gain a complete understanding, which will all be available in our website www.bluemed-initiative.eu for future reference. However, the course is designed in a way that all lectures are independent to one another

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