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The eWorkshop will be an online dissemination and networking opportunity between parties involved or interested in projects that work on Upcycled Proteins, or in related market and regulation issues . These include EU projects, field experts, academia and industry representatives, but it also welcomes students and any general public that wants to join and learn from the content and benefit from the experience.

Thematic blocks

The event will last around an hour and will be divided into 3 thematic blocks:

  1. Proteins from industry by-products.
  2. Proteins coming from urban biowaste.
  3. Upcycled proteins: market and regulation.

Block 1 and 2 will count with speakers from relevant H2020 active projects related to the topic. For now, these include Pro-Enrich and GreenProtein for Block 1, and Valuewaste and Scalibur for Block 2. Finally, block 3 will count with experts in the field of market and regulation.

Innovarum will host the event and introduce and present all speakers.

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