LIVERUR Knowledge Transfer Session2021-10-04T10:33:29+01:00

FIRST DAY – Experience of the Pilot Regions

Moderator: Hélio Pereira

Rountable 1: Farm to fork strategy: multifunctional business/economical activities as leverage for innovating businesses and local development

Moderator: Sabrina Rosati, E35 Foundation
Guests: Paolo Mantovi (CRPA), Sabina Cantarelli (La strada del Vino), Rose Ortolani (Sogesca).

Roundtable 2: Multifunctional activities as leverage for innovating businesses and tourism

Moderator: Rose Ortolani, Trasimeno
Guests: Sara Manfredini (Legacoop Emilia Ovest), Sabina Cantarelli (La strada del Vino), Giulio Cherubini (Presidente Unione dei Comuni del Trasimeno)

Rountable 3: RUBIZMO Summer School

Moderator: Brendan Murly, RUBIZMO

Guests: Michelle Perello (Ruralisation), Antoni Oliva (Polirural).

Special guest: Michael Wolf, DG Agri

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SECOND DAY – Digitalisation of rural areas

Moderator: Emilija Stojmenova

Rountable 1: Digital services

Guest: Dolores Ordoñez (DIHBAI-TUR).

Roundtable 2: Digital skills

Guest: Clive Peckham (Interreg Europe CARPE DIGEM).

Rountable 3: Digital policies and ecosystems

Guest: Gianluca Brunori (Horizon 2020 DESIRA).

Special guest: Valerio Abbadessa, DG Agri

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Moderator: Wolfgang Haider

Rountable 1: RAIN business model

Guests: Thomas Böhm (RMB), Karin Heinschink (BAB).

Roundtable 2: RAIN Platform

Guest: Daniel Capitán (Wellness Telecom).

Rountable 3: Rural Innovation Ppolicy Frame

Guest: Martina Ocelli (Cleopa GmbH).

Rountable 4: Building Capacities

Guest: Jelena Mazaj (CESIE).

Rountable 5: JOSENEA BIO

Guests: Montse Guerrero and Jesús Cía (JOSENEA BIO).

Rountable 6: LIVERUR Friends

Guest: Kevin Collins (Open University UK).

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