A concrete application of Living Lab is represented by the new weekly market of agriculture, associations and crafts of Paciano (UCT).

About twenty stakeholders, identified as part of the LIVERUR project, met on Friday 24 July in the historic centre of Paciano (Trasimeno).

Producers of olive oil, wine, fruit, vegetables, bread, honey, truffles, flowers were present with craftsmen of wood, fabric, ceramics and with manufacturers of furniture objects born from the recovery of waste material and processing residues.

These subjects have organized themselves to offer visitors a new image of local market, closely connected to the territory, respectful of the environment and with strong social inclusivity. Witness to this last aspect the presence of the Cooperative “Le Olivastre” which has as main objectives the recovery of abandoned olive groves, slow tourism and social integration of people with characters of disability or marginalization.

The strong presence of historical and cultural values and traditions has been the setting for everything and contributed to the success of the initiative (https://www.comune.paciano.pg.it).


Written by Paolo Burini from UCT.