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LIVERUR Pilot Region:

Square Km:
64 589 km²

2 milj.

Political Region:

Rural Living Lab:
Rural Living Lab in the production of fruits and vegetables

Fruit and berries growing have old traditions in Latvia. The climatic conditions and soil are favourable for it, especially in the eastern regions of Latvia. Fruit growing has potential in Latvia, but challenges are mainly lack of cooperation between the growers and the food processors, as well as between the food chain members; cooperatives are slowly starting to develop, lack of knowledge and motivation for cooperation; improvement of knowledge about the production of high-quality fruits and production of high value and innovative products.

They develop three pilots:

The first one is a farm which is producing: juices – apple, pear, apple-pear, elder tree, aronia; cooked apples. The farm also is getting honey, pollen, bee bread, propolis, a homogenate of the transom.

The description of the other pilot is Ltd “Mazburkas”, specializes in growing grapes and sheep breeding. In addition, it provides tourism services. The company has 2 structural units – Smarde civil parish of the Engure region and Vāne municipality of Kandava district. The owner and the leader of “Mazburkas” Ltd – Gunta Niedra.

And the last one, “Sutras ogu dārzs” Ltd., grows strawberries and blueberries in tunnels, so that farm can harvest then faster than in other places in Latvia.


The LIVERUR project identifies innovative business models within the newly developed Circular Rural Living Labs, and will conduct socio-economic-technology analyzes to identify, describe and compare the differences between the new approach of Living Lab and more entrepreneurial traditional approaches.


The LIVERUR project involves more than 20 European partners from peripheral areas in which the development of the rural economy is vital for their survival. Although LIVERUR is focused on Europe, one of the partners is located in Tunisia, which provides a greater internationalization to the project.