On 24th October 2019 took place in the European Economic and Social Committee (Brussels) “Supporting rural business success across Europe Conference”, organized by RUBIZMO. In this event, RUBIZMO partners presented their findings about rural business success in front of 100 assistants, policy-makers and representatives of trade associations and cooperatives. 

During this conference, guest speakers talked about the current and future policy framework, analyzed the key ingredients for the development of a successful rural business system and presented three examples of local rural development strategies. Assistants could discover the networking tool that has been developed by RUBIZMO and they attended to the Rural Business Innovation Awards ceremony, in which three examples of the most inspirational rural business was rewarded. 

David C. Heiser, Head of European Projects at UCAM, had the opportunity to present LIVERUR project in this conference. He talked about the living lab concept that is been studied by LIVERUR partners and about what are the long term and short term objectives of the project. There, he presented “Cooperativa di Comunità ‘Valle dei Cavalieri’” case and he explained the five steps to build, experiment and sustain living labs new models.  

5 steps