A concrete attempt to apply criteria of circularity and development of local economy models is represented by the creation of a point of supply and exchange of services between different local agricultural companies: the weekly market of Paciano   (Trasimeno – IT).

There are:

  • Olive oil producers
  • Wine producers
  • Flour and bread producers
  • Cheese producers
  • Jams and fruit preserves producers
  • Manufacturers of cosmetics resulting from the use of by-products
  • Manufacturers of furnishing or embellishment objects derived from waste materials
  • Repair of used, obsolete or damaged objects over time
  • Associations for the promotion of tourist and cultural routes
  • Local municipalities
  • Associations for the social inclusion of protected or disadvantaged groups
  • Companies for the production of renewable energy (woody material), etc.

A management regulation is the basis of the weekly event, with precise roles and tasks assigned according to the different skills, including a leader for each supply chain.

The model can be extended and replicated to the entire territory of Trasimeno and can be taken as a reference for young farmers who want to build together a new economic model of local economic development based on concepts such as circular economy, open innovation, social inclusion, co-creation.

The IT tools implemented (INTRANET PLATFORM) will help to support and improve this initiative.

(Paolo Burini – UCT)