As part of LIVERUR communication activities, on 6 May 2020, a third meeting was held in a third cognitive tool of the current situation of agriculture and the emerging requirements of business and intercompany management in the pilot territory of Trasimeno, also and especially following the spread of COVID19 in Italy.

Seven stakeholders represented the main production companies participated: farm, green maintenance, forestry, slow tourism, Wine Road, horticulture, fruit growing, farming:

  • Tommaso Todisco – Farmhouse Le Case Rosse
  • Sabina Cantarelli – President of “Strada del Vino Trasimeno”
  • Mrs Mara Sciarma – farmhouse and fruit
  • Mr Carlo Carini – winery and pig farm
  • Mr Federico Sottili – farmhouse and forestry company
  • Mrs Giulia Contini – rural management
  • Mr Luca Carini – winemaker
  • Rose Ortolani – SOGESCA
  • Louis Montagnoli – UCT
  • Paolo Burini – UCT

Some new requirements immediately emerged:

E-commerce development, development and improvement of zero km sales, associated management and maintenance of private and public green.

Creation of a digital platform to meet demand and supply of agricultural, tourist and hospitality services, and for agricultural and food products typical of the territory.

Introduction of new product quality certification systems, nutritionally and health-consciously

Reorganization of agrotourism services: accommodation, catering, tasting, recreational, sports and cultural activities.

At the end of the meeting it was decided to work even more together, combining the main interests and roles of the various private and public actors (Community, Association, Trasimeno Wine Road, University, Regional and Local Government). Further organisational meetings will follow shortly in line with LIVERUR objectives and the requirements imposed by the current health situation.


Written by: Paolo Burini – UCT.