🇹🇳 Tunisia

LIVERUR Pilot Region:

Square Km:
266,02 km²

10 273 people

Political Region:
Gabés, Tunisia

Rural Living Lab:
Rural Living Lab in traditional craft sector: circular handmade berber carpet production

Oudref is a town and commune in the Gabès Governorate, Tunisia. The town is a centre of production for the margoum, the Tunisian Berber carpet. Dar Margoum is a non-profit organization, founded in 2012. The objective of the Association: preserve the authenticity of Margoum, encouraging innovation and renewal, and paving the way for graduates of higher institutes of arts and crafts. The living lab in this region will take care of establishing a circular approach to the production of Berber carpet, from production to waste recovery.

It is merely obvious that the project will have many considerable effects on society, economy and environment. To start with, it will improve the craftsmen’s income and then, rising their number which is actually in decrease. Moreover, it will give confidence to those young women drop out of school to work. In fact, rehiring some scattered textiles in fashion and as a result conservation of berber patterns, conservation of vegetable dyeing (The project will have a positive effect in the environment). Another important positive impact is to open new markets and new promotion perspectives; to integrate the field of traditional industries in circular economy and develop the value of the product for more cost effectiveness. Indeed, radical innovation for ecological, social, cultural and economic improvement and sustainable development.


The LIVERUR project identifies innovative business models within the newly developed Circular Rural Living Labs, and will conduct socio-economic-technology analyzes to identify, describe and compare the differences between the new approach of Living Lab and more entrepreneurial traditional approaches.


The LIVERUR project involves more than 20 European partners from peripheral areas in which the development of the rural economy is vital for their survival. Although LIVERUR is focused on Europe, one of the partners is located in Tunisia, which provides a greater internationalization to the project.