Simona Magliani, associated member and employee of the community cooperative I Briganti di Cerreto, tells of her professional experience and the decision to return to live and work in Cerreto Alpi, a village in the heart of the Appennines in the Province of Reggio Emilia.

“Briganti di Cerreto” is one of the two community cooperatives, together with the “Valle dei Cavalieri” in Succiso, involved with the implementation of the first LIVERUR pilot in Reggio Emilia. The community cooperative is a model of social innovation where citizens are producers and users of goods and services, it is a model that creates synergy and cohesion in a community, putting the activities of individual citizens, businesses, associations and institutions into system.

To be considered a community cooperative, its explicit objective must be to produce benefits for a community to which the promoting members belong or which they elect as their own. This objective must be pursued through the production of goods and services that have a stable and lasting impact on the quality of social and economic life of the community.

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