The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) is an interesting and fundamental tool
for reviving the Italian economy launched as a response to the economic crisis caused by
the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Italian PNRR joins many other similar plans launched in all European countries and
financed, to a large extent, with funds from Brussels and the remainder from national
The primary sector is among those supported by PNRR, to which it allocates resources of
6.8 billion euros.
We highlight some areas of particular interest also for the Trasimeno territory:
– 800 million for logistics;
– 1.5 billion for the development of solar energy use;
– 500 million for the modernisation of agricultural machinery;
– 1.2 billion for supply chain contracts;
– 2 billion for the development of biogas and biomethane production and
– 880 million for overshooted and irrigation.
The goal is to strengthen the agricultural sector, making it more competitive, resilient (able
to adapt to climate change) and sustainable. PNRR is divided into three pillars: Circular
Economy and Sustainable Agriculture, Supply Chain and District Contracts, Protection of
the territory and water resources.
The territory of Trasimeno will also be able to take advantage of these contributions,
particularly in the field of renewable energy, supply chain contracts, modernization and
digitalization of services to agricultural enterprises, such as technical assistance for
irrigation systems and methods.
In this logic, the TRASIMENO LIVING LAB is also moving, starting from the creation of an
INTRANET platform to support agricultural and agritourism enterprises.