One of the sectors that maintain their essential work for society is agriculture.

That is why we bring you some preventive measures in agriculture against COVID-19, to avoid contagion.

If you work in the agricultural sector, reducing the spread of COVID-19 is also up to you.


1) The company must organize the work avoiding that the workers coincide in the same point. That is, organizing work shifts that make workers maintain safe distances.

2) During your work, avoid getting closer than two meters from your colleagues. With this we managed to avoid contagion as it is the radius in which we can see ourselves dotted with the virus.

3) Avoid coinciding with your colleagues when loading or unloading products.

4) In the time of rest and lunch, it is forbidden to gather with colleagues, always keeping the safety distance of two meters.

5) Always have soap and water to wash your hands frequently.

6) Do not touch your face, mouth, nose or eyes, since this way we can get it.

7) Space should be arranged so that workers’ vehicles are not together.

8) Remember to ALWAYS carry the documentation that allows you to make the journey to your workplace, duly completed by your company, to avoid penalties

9) The displacement to the agricultural exploitation will be carried out individually. If in any case two people have to travel in the same vehicle, one person must be awakened for each row of seats, thus maintaining the greatest distance between possible occupants.

10) Access to workplaces will be controlled, checking whether workers have maintained close contact with some possible cases.

11) Workers will be informed about the risks of COVID-19 and prevention measures.

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In the event that you feel some of the symptoms related to COVID-19 (shortness of breath, fever, cough, do not hesitate to communicate it to the person in charge of the company and they will make a specific protocol available for these cases themselves.