A market of local agriculture products and crafts products from Trasimeno would support the concept of Living Lab and circular economy in the agricultural, artisanal and tourist sectors of Lake Trasimeno. In particular, it would offer more sales opportunities for local businesses, offer to tourists and residents a new activity near Lake Trasimeno, promote environmentally sensitive practices, support the local economy and encourage communication and cooperation between businesses and public sectors in this area.

The Trasimeno area is famous in Italy for quality agricultural products such as olive oil, wine, legumes, fish. Alongside these are handcrafted products such as handmade fabrics, ceramics, wooden and copper objects and those made from the lake cane (Arundo Phragmites).

Participating sellers would benefit from both the sale of their products and the increased visibility of their activities. Current farmhouses, campsites, b&bs and restaurants would benefit from the weekly influx of visitors. In addition, through the development of the TRASIMENO brand, new local business opportunities would be created, generating jobs and contributing to the protection of the environment. All farmers in the area follow organic or integrated farming methods. 80% of agri-food products are already destined for direct or consumer sales at local restaurants (from farm to fork!)

All the material needed to build the market would come from carpentry waste and the recovery of textiles in the area. Farms, farmhouses, producers’ associations, artisan companies, Tourism and Social Services, could sign an economic supply chain agreement where each partner defines its role and tasks.
Finally, this initiative could have easier and safer access to financial contributions under regional, national and EU regulations.

Written by Paolo Burins