🇦🇹 Austria

LIVERUR Pilot Region:

Square Km:
1471,4 km²

93 343 inhabitants

Political Region:
Burgenland, Austria

Rural Living Lab:
Living Lab Südburgenland: Rural Living Lab in short supply chain in agriculture

Including Living Labs in the frontier scenario of short supply chain management in agriculture, phenomenon which includes for example direct marketing, community supported agriculture.

The small-shaped structure of the agricultural companies in the pilot region requires the development of alternative sources of income and a strengthening of the image of farming production measures. An aim of the project is the development of new business models in order to reinforce the cooperation between the sectors agriculture, tourism and the regional enterprises to boost sales of regional agricultural products and to find possibilities for new, attractive areas of employment for the businesses in the pilot region. Awareness of consumers about the real value of regional high-quality products is ought to be raised and businesses in value adding and cooperation-processes shall receive support. Agricultural innovative products are not only thought to add value, but also act as self supply of the region. Moreover, agricultural businesses shall receive help and support in order to exploit new non-agricultural sources of income. In this aspect tourism, healthcare and social services provide a solid base and promising perspectives.


The LIVERUR project identifies innovative business models within the newly developed Circular Rural Living Labs, and will conduct socio-economic-technology analyzes to identify, describe and compare the differences between the new approach of Living Lab and more entrepreneurial traditional approaches.


The LIVERUR project involves more than 20 European partners from peripheral areas in which the development of the rural economy is vital for their survival. Although LIVERUR is focused on Europe, one of the partners is located in Tunisia, which provides a greater internationalization to the project.