On Octuber 6, 2019 took place the “Technical Meeting on Energy  Efficiency in UCT Farms” at Agronomists Studio (Perugia, Italy). There, our partner the “Unione dei Comuni Trasimeno” (UCT) talked about the objectives of the LIVERUR project. Today, we’ll know the testimony of Paolo Burini about this meeting.

Paolo Burini again presented the objectives of the LIVERUR project, where two joint actions were chosen in the pilot territory of Trasimeno: rural slow tourism/agrifood and energy efficiency through the recovery of wood biomass from waste.

This last point is particularly relevant to the operators present who can define themselves as “opinion leaders” and reference points for the management, treatment and enhancement of wood and herbaceous waste biomass, in a logic of development of waste Renewable.

The presence of Dr. Trequattrini was justified by his long professional experience and his willingness to provide design support also in anticipation of the opening of new PSR calls Umbria region.

Apart from the difficulties and the critical points that have always been highlighted (permissions, costs, enhancement, logistics organization, etc.), it was thought to proceed on two fronts. Review of the project of construction of a small heating network in Magione (Molino New Srl and municipal sports facilities) and the construction of a logistics site in Corciano (Migiana) where wood biomass can flow from waste of the territory neighboring (circular economy) and build nearby a heating system of an industrial shed for the production of parquet wood. This would have several positive effects in terms of energy savings, land maintenance and youth employment.


Entrepreneurs presents at the meeting:

– Dr. Louis Montagnoli – UCT agronomist

– Dr. Paolo Burini – UCT agronomist

– Dr. Pierluigi Trequattrini – freelance agronomist

– Dr. Francesco Palazzetti – accountant

– Franca Borgarelli and Flavia Chiacchella – Holders Farm Il Corniolo

– Subtle Federico – Farm The Big Sassi and forest operator

– Maurizi Federico – Farmer and Maintainer territory

– Monia myths – UCT maintenance of green areas

– Soldiers Paolo – Molino new srl – biomass plant and logistics platform