COP25 Climate Change Conference is taking place from today, 2th of December, to friday, 13th of December. After the renouncement of the Chile Government to celebrate this event in his country, because of the social protests, Spain Government decided to host it in Madrid.

Carolina Schmidt Zaldívar, the Chile’s minister of the environment, is the appointed president of the Conference, which has been designed to achieve the necessary steps in the negotiation process about climate change in the United Nations

What is the Climate Change Conference of the United Nations about?

The last Climate Change Conference COP24, which was celebrated in Poland, settled the technical development of the Paris Agreement. Now, this conference aims to check the outstanding issues for the fully functioning of the agreement. 

Furthermore,  countries have commited to establish new and updated national plans to address the climate change. These plans include measures about finances, forests and agriculture, technology, capacity development, native population, cities, oceans, loss and damage, transparence in climate change measures and gender equality. 

Where and when do it celebrate?

COP25 takes place at IFEMA from 2th to 13th of December. There are more than 100,000 square meters aimed to the conference, which have been divided in two different areas: an institutional area (Blue Zone) and a civil society area (Green Zone). 25,000 people are expected  from the 200 countries that participate in this global event. 

Greta Thunberg attends to the COP25

The young sweden activist, Greta Thunberg, crossed the Atlantic Ocean to attend to the COP25. Greta is going to arrive to Lisbon in La Vagabonde, a catamaran where she travel with the owner family and her father. Her arrival is planned on Tuesday, after 21 days of journey, which will end with the entry of the catamaran in the port of Doca de Alcantara.

She had to ask for help in order to cross the ocean because she was travelling across the United States to arrive to Chile, where the conference should has been held. Riley Whitelum y Elayna Carausu are an australian marriage that film their travel around the world with their little child, Lenny. They offered their help to Greta to arrive to Spain and they started, together with an english sailor, Nikki Henderson, and Greta’s father, the journey across the ocean.