The Regional Brittany Chamber of Agriculture (CRAB) from France is officially the new partner of the LIVERUR project.

The Brittany Chambers of Agriculture are self-governing public bodies, managed by elected representatives from the agriculture and forestry sectors. The Regional Brittany Chamber of Agriculture is a regional organization at the service of farmers and land-related projects, facing the challenges of tomorrow’s agriculture.

Along with CAPdL and CEA, CRAB is part of the Living Lab in the West of France for the livestock production chain improvement. Livestock represents a large part of agriculture in the West of France, but has been declining recently due to the lack of competitiveness. The objective is to develop new techniques to reduce energy dependency in livestock farms, using farm resources, to make them more competitive, as well as to keep the productive potential of livestock in the West of France.

In the LIVERUR project, CRAB will participate in data collection with three examples of business models which can be developed in rural areas in order to improve the energy efficiency of livestock systems, mostly dairy and pig farms. CRAB will bring to the project three individual Living Labs in their piloting zone in the region of Brittany.

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